How to stay connected to your family/friends when living abroad

How to stay connected to your family/friends when living abroad

How to stay connected to your family/friends when living abroad

You might be a student stepping out of your comfort zone to start studying outside your small town, or an adult choosing a job abroad with more prospects, or an older person having all your nieces and nephews abroad, whoever you are, you know the feeling.

Now, like never before, you are a FaceTime away from family on the other side of the world.

Not wanting to sound cliché, but the advancement of technology has been a game changer to such a point that it can bring you the feeling that you're not missing out on anything in your family's lives, even though they are on the other side of the world, as long as they are available for a call.

Except for the obvious advice to keep up the daily video calling with your loved ones, here are three other efficient tips on how to stay connected while living abroad:

We are all busy evolving in our lives, and we know how hard it is to keep up with everybody's celebrations, birthdays, or any other memorable moments in our lives.

As social beings, we instinctively like to connect and talk our days out to someone, share moments, be supported or just be heard. What better way to do that than by creating a group chat, where it becomes a daily habit for each member to share their news of getting accepted for a new job, graduating, becoming a parent, or simply sharing photos of their vacations.

This is a perfect way to create a positive virtual environment where you can ask questions, joke or reminisce on old stories and get everyone to engage.

Time zones, busy schedules and inconvenient moments are some of the many reasons why your family and friends abroad may feel like you actually do not want to connect with them as much. Do not leave them hanging because we all know how bad that feels. Make sure that they can be a part of your life through Social Media posts, so that even your Grandfather who might not have gotten the hang of 24h stories, can keep up. This way, everybody gets the feeling that they're up to date with your life. Plus, they don't get offended by your unavailability.

Remember when we were kids, and we had that uncle or aunt abroad that seemed to have their life figured out and all they did was share their fortune with their nephews and nieces through small gifts or cash?

If you're living abroad now, remind yourself what a joyous feeling that was, and realize how good it feels to be the one giving and helping.

Your family or friends may be too modest to request or accept these types of gifts. Regardless, it is a nice way to remind them how much you care about them.

A ticket for your siblings to visit you, giving some money for your friend's birthday (participating on that Group Chat birthday gift they were all planning for), making a payment for your Mom's doctor visit, while you are not able to be present, are the best ways to extend your support almost as if you were right there.

Remember when we said that technology advancement has changed the game and made it possible for most things to happening real-time? With OneFor features you'll become a tech savy and at the same time maintain a connection with your loved ones.