How to add money to your OneFor account?

Written by
Vala Bunjaku

How to add money to your OneFor account?

Written by
Vala Bunjaku

How to add money to your OneFor account?

Written by
Vala Bunjaku
If you have clicked on this blog, presumably you already have a OneFor account, but in case you haven’t opened one yet, click here for more information on how to do so.

With OneFor, all your financial activities are made easy. OneFor keeps you connected to all your loved ones wherever in the world they may be. And the best part is that it is super simple to use.

After you have successfully become a  OneFor user, you will either have a Primary account or a Companion account and the way you utilize the app is based on the kind of account you have.

The way you add money to your account depends on whether you are an EU citizen or not.

If you are a resident of an EU country, your account will be a Primary account, which means that you can top up your OneFor card using your regular IBAN account or bank transfer from any other bank. If you are not an EU citizen, you are a Companion to a Primary responsible for topping up your account.

As a Companion, you cannot add money to your account independently, but you can request any amount you need from your connected Primary.

As a Primary, you have the option to add money to your account directly from the application.

You simply log into your account, and on the home page right by your personal information (top right corner), you can see a euro sign.

When you press the euro sign, you can add any amount you want to transfer from your regular bank account, and voila, the money will be added to your OneFor account instantly!

As every Primary has at least one companion, the Primary is also responsible for topping up their Companion’s account, which can be done by sending money from the app.

Moving money around has never been faster, simpler and more secure.

You can count on OneFor when it comes to all your monetary affairs!

Four steps how to top up your OneFor Account  

  1. Log into your OneFor account.
  2. Find a euro sign on the home page right by your personal information (top right corner)
  3. After pressing the euro sign, you will be asked to write down the amount that you want to transfer to your OneFor account.
  4. Lastly, after adding the amount, press next, then confirm the amount by pressing Add

So simple and the money is instantly added to your account.

How to use OneFor

Now that you know how OneFor works, it's time to get started. It's easier said than done.

First off download the app (iPhone or Android) on your phone. The app's access and usage are free, and you can open an account in only a few minutes by entering your name, phone number, and email address. As the verification process is done, you can instantly exchange money (send, receive, request) with your friends and family members in more than 100 countries.

Four steps and you are all set for the fastest and cheapest payment experience.

  1. Enter your name, phone number and your email.
  2. Start verification process; You need to provide your ID card or any means of identification, which needs to be exposed to your phone camera.
  3. A document that proves your current address, and a lovely selfie so you can use our app safely and efficiently through our facial recognition system.

*Verification lasts approximately 5 minutes.

ta-raaa…Welcome to the world of OneFor!

Finally, yet most importantly, we apply fraud-protection by MasterCard Secure, as well as state-of-the-art technologies for ID-verification and two-factor authorization. This way, we guarantee that every interaction is perfectly safe.