How sibling connection shape our life?

Written by
Elirë Syla

How sibling connection shape our life?

Written by
Elirë Syla

How sibling connection shape our life?

Written by
Elirë Syla
Remember when you were a kid fighting with your siblings about toys? Or do you reminisce about the times your mum made you and your little sister sit on the couch and hold hands when you wouldn't stop squabbling as you told your sister that she is not your sister anymore?

Wasn't this the most significant responsibility you have had - irritating your sibling 24/7? Like in the Tom and Jerry cartoon series – where they tease each other, knock each other down but simply can't live without each other.

Let's properly discuss how sibling connections shape our lives.

Know a lot of things about the world - Thank you, big sis!

To learn from others' mistakes is such a great thing, but to know many things before they even happen to you is a miracle. Sisters teach this miracle in the best way.

Studies show that children who have older siblings are more likely to be successful. This comes from the energy that they spend in teaching their younger siblings about different experiences and skills.

They give their best to make life easier and more fun for their younger siblings. A big sister or brother is a necessity in life. But having a big sister is like having a second mum.

Men who have sisters know girls better.

Knowing how to deal with girls is a boy's dream. But who does it best? Boys who have sisters tend to know girls much better than those who do not.

Having a sister makes you understand the female point of view. It makes you more considerate towards the opposite sex, which can be beneficial for your romantic relationships

Boys who have sisters are more likely to be good listeners and have better communication skills. They are also more comfortable with the female body and its processes, such as periods.

Middle children, the troublemakers

Being the middle child comes with a lot of advantages. On the other hand, it has some disadvantages as well. Middle children are likely to have less of their parents' attention. However, having the chance of growing up with siblings is a significant advantage. It is much easier to step out of your comfort zone and step into the outside world when you have a great support system. Middle children are often known as the troublemakers because of their rule-breaking nature. Thanks to the older siblings who use their experience to make the younger ones realize that this world is much more than society's rules.

Youngest children use low power strategies.

Being the youngest child in the family comes with a lot of advantages. Knowing a lot about life makes it so much easier to step out into the world. When it comes to the youngest children, they are considered the funny ones, the joy of the family, and those that tend to be very intuitive. This intuition comes from the information they have from their older siblings. Being the joy of the family really motivates you to be the one that aspires to reach the highest mountains.

Staying connected no matter what

It doesn't matter if you are the oldest, middle or youngest one. Staying connected with your siblings is always essential. Growing up makes it a little bit harder to stay physically connected with siblings. Whatsapp, Viber and other social media are the most common ways to stay connected. Creating group chats is the best way to stay connected in a virtual way. Even though the virtual connection is not as strong as the physical one, it still helps us share our stories.

OneFor is there to make your relationship stronger. 

Being close to someone often involves exchanging things, sharing gifts and even supporting each other with money. When it comes to asking for money, most people feel more comfortable asking their siblings rather than their parents.

Yes, asking your sibling to ask your parents for money is also a thing! Most of us have done it before, especially with our oldest siblings. Maybe this comes from the fact that the oldest sibling often tends to be the one that is closer to the parents.

OneFor app makes it easier than ever before to ask your siblings or your parents for financial support, through its send/request money feature. Using this feature, asking for money or sharing money with your siblings is very easy and quite simple too, and it takes a couple of seconds to do that. You can also use our app to chat with each other. Besides that, helping your siblings pay their bills, or split the bills with them is possible with OneFor. Be there for your loved ones!