How OneFor works? Everything you need to know about OneFor app

How OneFor works? Everything you need to know about OneFor app

How OneFor works? Everything you need to know about OneFor app

Do you agree that spending hours going to the money transfer agency to deliver or pick up cash belongs to the past?

Yeah, yeah you read that correctly, 3 clicks, 0.2 seconds and voila the money is digitally moved, safely, securely, and all over the world. This makes you feel closer to your friends and family even when thousands of miles apart.

Keep reading the following blog to understand how OneFor works. After reading, I am sure you will come to the realization that robbing yourself of your time for such things is unnecessary.

Isn't it more important how you spend your time than how you spend your money?

Let's go.

What is OneFor?

OneFor is the most joyful, connecting and empowering financial solution app for everyone. It enables you to send, receive and request money quickly among friends and family. Founded in 2020, OneFor is a multi-local European start-up with the vision of bringing a new perspective on how people relate with each other through money.

How OneFor works?

It's simple. With , the key is to nourish your relationships and stay connected with your family. You can invite up to five family members outside the EU to access OneFor; They will get a fee-free debit card combined with a mobile wallet. By being an EU citizen, you are eligible to create an IBAN account.

To simplify further let's consider the following scenario:

Ben, who lives in Germany, wants to send a birthday present of 50 Euros to Sofie, his niece in Turkey. Ben generates a code and shares it through any communication app with Sofie who lives outside the EU. Sofie as the receiver enters the code. Ben confirms it. Sofie’s account is activated, and she can obtain her connected debit card and a birthday present from her uncle. Ben and Sofie continue to exchange money with each other. Ben, who lives in the EU, is allowed to activate up to five linked connections outside the EU.

Told you. With you have the superpower to be part of your family's life from wherever you are. The joy of giving lasts longer than the pleasure of receiving😊.

Simple steps on how to invite your loved one to OneFor