Guide for Opening a Free OneFor Account for Ukrainian Refugees

Written by
Vala Bunjaku

Guide for Opening a Free OneFor Account for Ukrainian Refugees

Written by
Vala Bunjaku

Guide for Opening a Free OneFor Account for Ukrainian Refugees

Written by
Vala Bunjaku

Because of the current Russia - Ukraine war, many Ukrainians are now fleeing their country hoping to find safety in other places. Until now, around 4 million residents have left Ukraine, seeking refuge in neighboring countries (Poland and Romania) or any other nation, making it the fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II.

Empathizing with all Ukrainians and the tough situation that this war has brought upon them, OneFor is now offering a financial solution to anyone in need.

How it works?

Since having a bank account requires many documents that Ukrainian citizens might not be able to provide now, OneFor is offering a free account and debit card to all those that are now out of Ukraine.

The account can be opened by following these simple steps:

1. Download the app for free, either in the App Store or Google Play Store, or sign up directly from the browser

2. Register with phone number and email

3. Complete identity verification

Seeing as refugees do not have a permanent address in these other countries, OneFor will be alleviating the Proof of Address document requirement.

The identity verification process requires the following documents:

1. Ukrainian foreign Passport

2. A copy of a registration letter with an indication of a temporary residence address in EU.

Advantages of a OneFor account

OneFor equips you with a digital bank account that connects to a virtual debit card which can be used for any financial services, such as receiving funds, money transfers and card payments. This account is eligible for all Ukrainian citizens that are currently residing in the EEA. With OneFor you will also receive a physical debit Mastercard for free, which can be used for POS payments and ATM withdrawals worldwide, anywhere that Mastercard is accepted. Furthermore, you can add your Debit Card to Google Pay, making card payments easier and accessible from day one.


- Free of charge account opening

- Free virtual card  Mastercard

- Free physical card Mastercard

- Free incoming transfers

- Free in-app transactions

- Free of charge card payments

- No maintenance fees

- You can also receive financial assistance

- Connect your family members from Ukraine

Read more about the OneFor debit card here

As this catastrophe progresses, it is up to the rest of the world to provide as much generosity towards the Ukrainian citizens as possible. That is why OneFor is extending a helping hand to all Ukrainians.