Arabic Cuisine across France, Belgium, and Germany

Arabic Cuisine across France, Belgium, and Germany

Arabic Cuisine across France, Belgium, and Germany

The diversity of the Arabic culture is perfectly represented by its cuisine. Arabic cuisine is a combination of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Indian cuisine. Sounds like a must try, right? It is indeed!

If you want to try Arabic food but are currently not able to travel, or you come from an Arabic country, but you're now living in Europe, there are plenty of excellent Arabic restaurants where you can experience Arabic cuisine as well as quench your homesick feelings.

Also, if you are keen on cooking and want to try some Arabic recipes or cook some food to remind you of home, plenty of online stores sell Arabic cuisine ingredients.


If you live in France and are looking for a place to eat Arabic food, there are plenty of choices for you. Across France, you can find many excellent Arabic restaurants. Since we are living through a pandemic, I have come up with a list of Arabic restaurants that offer takeaway or delivery, so you don't have to!

Starting with Paris. If you are in France's capital, you have a broad spectrum of excellent Arabic restaurants to choose from. In that case, however, I am suggesting one which offers take away and delivery as well, it is called Restaurant Rayan, check out their website to see their menu and location.

Moving on to Lyon, which also offers various Arabic restaurants, you might like to try the Mount Lebanon Restaurant for take away or even dining-in. By the way, it has an astonishing interior as well. One of the best Arabic restaurants in Bordeaux is Adonis Restaurant Libanais, where you can dine-in, take away or order a delivery. While in Marseille, I would suggest OSaveurs du Liban, where you can takeaway, order delivery or dine-in. Finally, when in beautiful Nantes and looking for Arabic food you might like to give Gourmandises du Liban a try, there you can dine-inas well as take away being available.

And if you are interested in cooking Arabic food at home and are wondering about finding the ingredients there is this fantastic online store where you can find them.



Do you miss Arabic cuisine or you want to try it for the first time, and you are in Belgium?

Below you will find some of the best Arabic restaurants which offer delivery or take away. Also, you may find out more about where to order Arabic food ingredients online.

Mount Lebanon Restaurant in Brussels is one of the best-known restaurants offering Arabic food in Brussels; you can also takeaway, which is fantastic during these times. In Antwerp you also get a wide range of Arabic restaurants, one of the best that is offering delivery is Libanezza. Furthermore, in Ghent, a wonderful place to try Arabic food is AYWA, from which you can also take away.

El Mezze in Charleroi offers Arabic specialties too, and here you can choose to either dine-in or takeaway. InLiѐge I propose you try Le Phénicien, it has a rating of 4.1 from Google reviews and offers delivery and take out.

When looking for ingredients to cook Arabic dishes at home, you can get them online here and have the food shipped to Belgium with a delivery fee of €4.99.

Anyway, if you are feeling homesick that €4.99 is absolutely worth it!


Arabic cuisine can be found in Germany as well. Whether you are interested in ordering online, take away or dine-in, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. Continue reading to find out about some of the best Arabic restaurants near you...

If you happen to be looking for Arabic food in Berlin, Casalot Restaurant is one of the best, and it also offers delivery and take away. Frankfurt is also very rich in Arabic restaurants, one of them contributing to taking away at this time is AYMO Falafel & Orient.

Meanwhile, in Hamburg, you can also takeaway Arabic food at Restaurant Beti. And if you are near Dresden, I would suggest you try Falafel Imbiss since it offers take away, dine-in and delivery.

Furthermore, Restaurant Ksara located in Münich, rated 4.4 from Google reviews and provides takeaway is an Arabic restaurant that I would suggest if you live near this area. Another big city in the state of Saxony, Leipzig, has a large variety of Arabic restaurants to choose from. When near Leipzig an Arabic restaurant that I would suggest is SHADY, which also provides the golden three: delivery, take away, and dine-in. Moving on to Dortmund, the Bethlehem Star Restaurant might be just what you are looking for at these times, Arabic food delivered at your door.

In Düsseldorf I would suggest you try the ArabesQ, where you can also take away. Another Arabic restaurant that I recommend you are in Germany and near Stuttgart is Yaz Restaurant, which provides takeout and delivery.  Lastly, a must-try Arabic restaurant in Hannover is Al-Dar rated with a 4.5 in Google reviews.

Interested in cooking while at home and staying safe? You can find Arabic cuisine ingredients online in Germany as well. Here is an online website where you can do that.